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Valves & Automation


Reliable valve operation is essential for preventing production interruptions in challenging industrial applications. Fluid Flow/Bibb Controls’ comprehensive selection of valves are constructed of rugged materials and designed to offer a long service life for power generation, mining and energy management, as well as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper and textile processes.

Ball Valves

Fluid Flow/Bibb Controls offers a comprehensive portfolio of ball valves for demanding industrial applications. Our ball valves from Worcester and Bonomi include 3-piece, flanged, cryogenic, chlorine, fugitive emissions, hygienic, high cycle, high pressure, high temperature, metal seated and multi-port designs.

Butterfly Valves

Our inventory of lightweight and durable ABZ butterfly valves include resilient-seated, double-offset and triple-offset configurations. The valves are machined for high tolerance and easy field maintenance.

Check Valves

DFT’s silent check valves are known as the valve to use for preventing or eliminating water hammer problems. Spirax Sarco’s check valves are engineered to minimize maintenance in steam plant equipment. Pharmaceutical-grade valves also are available.

Control Valves

Our control valves from Cashco, Worcester, Schubert & Salzer and Spirax Sarco provide leading performance and reliability in flow, pressure, temperature and level control applications. Our manufacturers offer both linear and rotary designs for critical applications in highly demanding industrial operations.


Fluid Flow/Bibb Controls offers a wide selection of actuators/positioners from trusted manufacturers including Bernard Controls, Unitorq, PMV and Worcester. Electric, pneumatic, fluid-powered, analog, digital, weatherproof, explosionproof, multi-turn and quarter-turn configurations are available to suit nearly any industrial actuation need.

Limit Switch Packages

Confirm the position of an open or closed valve with our advanced limit switch packages from Worcester and StoneL. With hazardous location approvals, corrosion-resistant materials and integrated pneumatic control options, our limit switch packages are truly best in class for extreme industrial processes.

Hygienic Valves

Hygienic valves from Cashco and Worcester maintain process sterility, are designed to be easy to clean and aid in efficiency. Meet stringent regulatory requirements while minimizing downtime with our hygienic valves.

Knife Gate

Knife gate valves from Elite Valve manufactures solutions that are constructed to provide both long-lasting and cost-effective performance in the harshest operating conditions including heavy slurries, and liquid, gas, steam and water applications.


Fluid Flow/Bibb Controls offers a comprehensive line of self-contained regulators from Cashco and ControlAir for process and utility applications. Valve designs include general purpose, back-pressure, pilot-operated, dome loaded, differential pressure, high-pressure, high-capacity and hygienic regulators.


Our selection of solenoid valves from ASCO include styles and configurations for critical flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam applications. ASCO’s RedHat power management technology accepts both AC and DC voltages while improving performance, setting a new standard for reliability and power consumption.

Tank Safety

Valve Concepts supplies a full line of valves and related equipment that enables operators of extreme industrial operations to enhance safety, maintain product quality and meet strict regulatory compliance requirements. Our inventory includes tank blanketing valves, pressure/vacuum conservation vents, emergency vents and flame and detonation arrestors.


The Fluid Flow Products team is on standby, ready to assist you with compressed air and fluid processing solutions that are unmatched in the industry. From technical expertise you can trust to industrial equipment from leading manufacturers, we offer access to everything you need to drive the productivity of your operation.

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