The Future of Compressed Air Systems: TruLink's Leak-Free Piping Systems

The Future of Compressed Air Systems: TruLink’s Leak-Free Piping Systems

Compressed air systems are used in a variety of industries, and leaks in these systems can cause problems that lead to costly maintenance and unplanned downtime.

Many issues can result from leaks in a compressed air system, including:

  1. Energy wastage: When leaks occur, the compressor may have to work harder to maintain the proper pressure, wasting energy and raising operating expenses.
  2. Decreased system efficiency: These may result in a decline in system pressure, which lessens the system’s effectiveness and affects how well tools and equipment work.
  3. Higher maintenance expenses: Because components deteriorate more quickly and filters clog more quickly as a result of impurities entering the system, leaks can raise maintenance costs.

To build a system with a leak-free guarantee, TruLink blends cutting-edge materials, engineering, and manufacturing technologies.

What’s the formula?

To increase the performance of your system and lower the risk of leaks, TruLink’s proprietary design and market-leading technologies use a double O-ring design and deeper tube engagements.

The additional layer of protection provided by the double O-ring adds to the sealing power and helps to maintain system pressure by preventing leaks. Since the second O-ring can help spread out the tension that would typically be centered on a single O-ring, the double O-ring design is more resistant to wear and tear over time. This increases the system’s lifespan and lessens the need for routine upkeep or replacement.

As a result of tighter seals between components created by TruLink’s 2x deeper engagements, the system is able to endure larger pressures without leaking or malfunctioning. By providing more support and reducing movement or vibration, which might harm the system over time, the deeper tubing engagements increase system stability. The danger of damage is decreased by spreading stress across a larger region by expanding the contact area between components.

These innovations can contribute to the performance and success of your system. Contact a Fluid Flow representative, or click here to learn more about TruLink.



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