Installation Guide

6 Things to Consider Before Installing an Air Compressor

Once you’ve chosen a high-quality air compressor for your business, proper installation is essential for optimal performance and longevity. To ensure your compressor runs efficiently, it’s important to consider various factors during installation. Here are the top 6 air compressor installation considerations:

  1. Location: We recommend installing compressors indoors, in a separate clean, dry room close to the end-use. This setup helps control air quality, reduce noise, prevent overheating, minimize injury risks, and avoid weather-related problems.
  2. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial for indoor compressors. The ventilation system should be able to turn over the CFM of the entire unit and vent air away from hazards like gasoline, propane fumes, and paint spray filter outlets.
  3. Clearance around equipment: Allow a minimum of three feet of clearance on all sides of the air compressor equipment. This ensures free air cooling and heat exchange, and it also allows for maintenance.
  4. Electrical access: Ensure your compressor has access to electricity, and confirm that its voltage is compatible with the socket to avoid blown fuses or fires.
  5. Compressed air system configuration: Every company’s needs are unique, but we recommend a wet receiver between the compressor and air dryer, a dry receiver after the dryer, a moisture separator for the compressor, and pre- and post-filters for the dryer. Receivers should be sized based on the CFM of the compressor.
  6. Maintenance plan: To avoid breakdowns and maximize the compressor’s lifespan, have a preventive maintenance plan in place from the start. Consult with your installation company or service professional to determine necessary maintenance tasks and schedules.

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